Annual Report 2014


Celebrating What God Has Done

Dear Friends and Partners,

Fiscal year 2015 marks another turning point for TeachBeyond as we introduce a new strategic plan entitled, “Vision for Transformation 2020.” The prospects for the future are exciting, but our look forward does not diminish our enthusiasm for the amazing things we have seen God do over the last few years and particularly in 2014.
As we review 2014 we are grateful for the growth in new members, students, programs, and supporters. If there is one regret, it is that the personal stories of Holy Spirit transformation are difficult to communicate in a short summary statement of the year’s activities. Nevertheless, as you review the reports and statistics which follow,
I am sure you will want to join me in celebrating what God has done.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prayers, gifts, words of encouragement, and support for our projects and team members who serve faithfully across the globe.  We would also like to thank our Board of Directors for their commitment, wise counsel, and oversight in 2014.
With gratitude to God for what He has done this past year and over 60 years of fruitful ministry, we look forward to 2015 and the years ahead. Together, with our partners and through the power of God’s indwelling Spirit, we trust God to use TeachBeyond to accomplish even more for the honor and glory of our Lord.

George Durance, Ph.D.


TeachBeyond Members serving around the world


Learners directly taught by TeachBeyond Members


Partnering Organizations


Countries served by TeachBeyond

Who We Are

Our Identity Statements

Our Vision Prayer

We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education.

Our Mission

As followers of Jesus we are an international organization providing transformational education to children and adults. We offer teaching and learning services to all regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion in order to promote holistic personal growth and enduring social benefit.

Our Name

The name TeachBeyond best captures in two simple words our understanding of the Great Commission in Matthew 28, in which Jesus says, “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” The word beyond suggests crossing geographic and cultural boundaries. It also indicates our commitment to teaching beyond one-dimensional, utilitarian forms of education to a comprehensive, holistic form that fosters personal, transformational growth, and enduring social benefit.
Our name reflects both our organizational mission as well as our challenge to Christians to think beyond their current context, to encourage their growth as transformational educators, to inspire them to get involved, and to help them go where God is leading them.

Areas where TeachBeyond serves

Trending Upward With Sustainable Member Care

Global Human Resources


2014 saw nearly 120 new full-time members from 5 TeachBeyond sending countries (US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Switzerland) begin serving outside of their home countries. We are also anticipating continued growth in 2015 as the service opportunities and our global recruiting capacity continue to grow.


2014 highlights included: 10 quality additions to our North American administrative team; improved collaboration between administrative services due to web-based technology; a new 403b plan and overseas insurance plan options; a successful global conference; and 2 medical miracles—e.g., a return to work after a serious accident and a successful organ transplant.

Member Care

2014 saw the beginnings of a global platform for a member survey, global policy and strategy development, and growth in local support. We initiated a coaching project with 12 trained coaches to support our new members. Continuity and simultaneous growth occurred in Germany.


new members in 2014
up from 85 in 2013,
435 members total


countries with TeachBeyond
members in 2014,
up from 35 countries in 2013

Grace In The Face Of Violence

South America

La Amistad School: In a crime-ridden suburb of Asuncion, La Amistad is a Daycare – Grade 9 Christian school for children affected by extreme poverty. In 2009, missionary Alfred Klassen was brutally attacked and stabbed 7 times by local youth. He forgave his assailers, then with his wife and church, founded the school.
“The school is like a miracle in this community,” a mother recently shared. “I just pray that my son will be able to continue to attend. Hopefully the teachings will help him build a good life for himself.” Helen Vaughan and Howard Dueck visited this school which is part of a network of 4 schools. We have been asked to provide teachers for their ESL program. This partnership is new, but TeachBeyond has ministered in Paraguay for decades, through radio and camp work. We anticipate increasing our outreach in Paraguay.

Increasing Access Globally: The Essential Role of IT

Information Technology

Applications, software, operating systems, websites, databases, hardware, and networks can all be a bit intimidating, but by God’s grace, this year our data started to be tracked, Office 365 gained some significant traction as the organizational tool of choice, and some of our online systems became more effective and efficient than ever before.
For this we want thank our tireless team for their work and say a special thank-you to Harold Klassen who has served sacrificially as the Global Director of IT over the past 5 years. Harold will continue to serve TeachBeyond in a capacity he is passionate about: developing tools for biblical integration in the classroom.


active email accounts
in Office 365


people with Office
ProPlus subscriptions

Inviting The Unexpected


The following is a word of testimony from the 2014 Moldova camp:
This year, our partners in southern Moldova had over 100 campers for the first time. On the Saturday morning before camp began, the team was sharing devotions at the campground, when Roma Malancea looked out of the window and saw 3 Roma (Gypsy) kids in the parking lot. They were alone, so he went out to ask whence they had come and why they were there. The 3 were from a village close to one of the partner churches and had been dropped off by a man from their village (who had already left). They were twin 9-year-old brothers and a 12-year old sister. Roma decided they had to let them stay, although they were too young and not originally invited!
All 3 accepted Christ and have since come to church, accompanied by their mother.

Focusing on the Needs of Our Candidates and Members


Launching a new website was one of our major goals this past year. There was a significant focus on increasing usability and interaction of our website using mobile and tablet devices, especially for inquiries and donations. As a result, Mobilization has seen an increase in applicants and Donor Services has received more gifts for our members.
Of those that were tracked, we have completed over 95 projects and requests. These ranged from designing brochures, prayer cards, and developing websites to helping increase awareness of TeachBeyond in France, the Philippines, Germany, North America, Brazil, Creative Access countries, Congo (DRC), and the United Kingdom.
Here are some of our major accomplishments:

  • Launched, in participation with Mobilization, a Google advertising campaign, which increased inquiries online.
  • Created personalized giving pages for members to make online giving easier.
  • Helped design and communicate the ideas and goals for the 2015-20 Strategic Plan.


visits from tablet and
mobile devices in 2014,
up from 4,181 visits in 2013.


page views in 2014,
up from 93,286 visits in 2013.

Board Policy Inspired By A Rope


What does a rope have to do with board governance? Both the national board and the school board of TeachBeyond in the Democratic Republic of Congo met in October for initial training of how to operate using the principles of policy governance. Much thought went into the preparation as we were communicating through translation and introducing new concepts. The training needed to be meaningful, memorable, and applicable. After the training, and in subsequent correspondence, the attendees used the concrete examples to refer to how things should be structured. They were very encouraged in moving forward.
What about the rope? It represents policies the board writes. If the policies are too loose, CEOs can wiggle out of them and do just what they want. If the rope is too tight, it can strangle CEOs and not allow them enough leeway to get things done.

Growing Into Our Vision

Education Services

In its first year of functioning Education Services has taken some bold steps forward. We have added 6 new leaders with significant levels of expertise in their fields. We have connected with Regional Leaders to begin working shoulder to shoulder. We are cutting our teeth on new projects and learning how to improve the services that we offer, including our thinking through and shaping the underlying philosophical principles. With more projects than time or people, we are considering how to draw in more staff and be more efficient and effective with the resources we have. Ongoing discussions are ensuing regarding transformational education, what it looks like, and how to create situations in which it can be fostered. Working as a team, we are learning from one another about issues that apply to our own areas of responsibility. 2014 has been a year of significant movement that we plan to continue in 2015.


non-TeachBeyond educators
equipped in 2014

Adapting To Our Growing Community

Life Long Learning

The Lifelong Learning (LLL) focus of TeachBeyond was revamped in early 2014 and continues to be in development. We launched a Resource Hub to connect members to helpful sources that will assist in life and ministry. In addition, we developed a number of proposals for approval. These include an annual Competency/Wellness Plan for all members as well as a focus on spiritual formation. We offered training in the Congo (DRC) in October for both the TeachBeyond DRC national board and the new school board. We are reworking the TeachBeyond Institute, and are considering launching it in Germany next summer. Finally, attention will be given to designing online learning courses in 2015.


educational services
provided globally

Asia: The Thirst For Truth

Southeast Asia

The work in Southeast Asia continues to thrive with countless stories of God calling people to Himself. Sarah (name changed for security reasons) is an example of how God is using English teaching to change lives. Sarah joined our work as an accountant in January having never heard about Christ and knowing very little English. She lived a life filled with a profound thirst for truth but had only found darkness and pain. Through her employment with TeachBeyond she was able to attend our English classes and develop a deep relationship with the Christian teachers and staff. One Sunday in March, after hearing her English teacher give a sermon on how Jesus Christ can truly quench our thirst for truth, Sarah made a commitment to Christ. On Easter Sunday she was baptized. Through the power of her testimony and commitment to Christ many others are now hearing about Christ for the first time. Sarah is one of 3 staff members in this local office who came to Christ this year.

Expanding Our Reach: New Growth in English Camps

Language Services

English Camps

In 2014 there were 9 camps in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Moldova, a sensitive country in Eastern Europe, and our first camp in the Philippines. We sent over 80 staff to work with over 70 local staff to serve 300 campers. Over 50 campers chose to follow Christ. In most locations, there is follow-up through the local church or in school.

English Curriculum

We have new staff working in English curriculum development: Sue Schmidt and Suzanne Carter. Sue Schmidt will also be working as Regional Camp Coordinator for Asia and South America. Steve Fladda and Jim Pierce have joined to serve as Regional Camp Coordinators for Europe and Eurasia (respectively).

Language Centres

The Language Centre in Southeast Asia is fully staffed except for the role of Director. Classes in English, the local language, and Korean are being taught. The Bridge Language Centre in Kandern, Germany continues under the leadership of Cherie Antrim. TESOL staff are being sought for all regions.


campers at English
Camps in 6 countries


Associates including
contracted volunteers
on loan to TeachBeyond

Laura Returns To Her Students


2014 started out with a bang, though not the sort of bang you want. A fall left Laura Hewett with a 1% chance of being able to walk again. One year later, physical therapy continues along with prayers for further healing. With the support of canes Laura is able to walk to school. She returned to the classroom to teach English at BFA in September.
The physical transformation from being bedridden to motoring under her own strength is incredible. However, it pales in significance when compared to the inner transformation. Laura is steadfast in her love and trust in God when many in her circumstances would doubt. She is realistic about the difficulties she faces and the desire to be fully healed when many would give in to self-pity. Laura is concerned about her students and their well-being when many would be inwardly focused. This is God-inspired transformation.

Providing New Clarity For Remote Teachers

Teacher Education Services

One of the highlights of this year has been the beginning of our teacher education program in India. The teachers involved work in small remote Christian schools and receive monthly visits by local mentors. They no longer feel as isolated as they used to, and instead have gained a new drive and sense of purpose. They have begun to understand the biblical basis for teaching children and their own calling as Christian teachers much more clearly than before. Considerable work has been done to prepare for an initial teacher education program in the UK in partnership with a college and several primary schools.
We have continued to publish On Practice as a thought-provoking aid for teachers and we have introduced professional support partners for our new teachers. We have also been planning a module on “preparing for leadership.”


national legal offices
strategically placed
around the globe

Answered Prayer For Our Newest Members

North America

God brought a multitude of people to administratively support the growing work of TeachBeyond this year. He added expertise to our Finance and IT departments, brought us an Advancement team, grew our Mobilization team, and multiplied our Donor Services capabilities.
Attracting and sending out 105 new workers­—which involves working with thousands of donors, managing thousands of inquiries, and walking alongside hundreds of candidates—was no small feat. By His grace we had the horsepower to facilitate it all. Additionally, we were continually blessed: we saw families and young couples, who thought they were unable to go abroad to serve (due to lack of funds), have remarkable amounts of support come in short order following an anxious and humble call to prayer. It has been a humbling year for all of us. We pray for an even more miraculous year in 2015.

Finding a TeachBeyond Home for Higher Education Programs

Higher Education Services

2014 marked the establishment of Higher Education as a distinct service area of TeachBeyond. Opportunely, there was work happening around the globe that needed a “home” within our organization. We have identified projects and members serving through Higher Education in Brazil, Germany, the Philippines, and French-speaking Africa. We are seeking God’s will on potential assignments in Indonesia, Bolivia, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Moldova. 2014 involved a lot of visioning. Our first year goals in the new strategic plan include identifying 10 more higher education professionals to consult or serve abroad; defining partnership models for first-world universities to collaborate with emerging adult education endeavors worldwide; and creating publicity and communication methods that elevate awareness of global higher education needs among people with gifts and expertise to offer. The variety of projects, settings, and ways to contribute make Higher Education an exciting place to serve as we enter into 2015.

Transformational Opportunities Abound

School Start Ups

Léman International Academy (LIA) in Geneva, Switzerland is growing and stabilizing with 31 students this school year. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to impact the lives of these children and their families—most of whom don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus—by offering a quality Christian bilingual education. We have a great team of qualified teachers and a school board that thinks strategically so that we are well set up to grow and increase enrollment over the next years. Our challenge this coming year is finding new school facilities in the near vicinity of the present school.
Fateb Kinshasa, Congo (DRC): Our kindergarten has been taking shape. In 2014 we appointed a principal and 3 future teachers, who, along with the school board, have begun training. We hope to open our doors in September 2015!

Signing Breaks Through Silence

Creative Access Region

As we walk through the crowded market, people bump into each other, merchants shout, and a young woman sweeps the dust away from the front of her store. Suddenly, the teacher I am walking with stops. When I look at him he is using sign language to communicate with three young men who are deaf. Their silence is palpable in contrast to the noise that surrounds us. Here, in this creative access country, is a group of people entirely without a Gospel witness – those who are deaf and hard of hearing.
In this context, one TeachBeyond couple works tirelessly with national teachers of the deaf. Their work is complicated by various versions of local sign language and the prevailing attitude that disabled people can never accomplish much. Despite these difficulties, they have daily opportunities to witness through their lives and words, reaching those whom we seldom hear about but who are precious in God’s sight.

Overcoming Global Challenges: School Services Builds a New Team

School Services

At the end of 2013, the School Services Department was an empty nest. Now Katy, Tammy, Loren, Jessica, Andrea, and Helen are building a team to help schools make the name of Jesus famous around the world.
At the beginning of 2014, we started in high gear by absorbing the work of a mission which closed. This meant developing a new arm of TeachBeyond’s School Services which provides staff to national schools as teachers of English as a foreign language. The launch of this new work went well, and reports are coming in of quality relationships developing with students. We are asking God to cultivate these relationships so the students may hear about and know Him.
During 2014 our department corresponded with schools in over 40 countries. Sometimes the correspondence only involved a few e-mail exchanges; other times it involved hours of communication and travel to the school to offer services such as professional development and consulting.
When God does immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine in 2014, what else can we do but ask Him to “bring it on” for 2015!


countries had
schools in contact
with TeachBeyond



In September, 2014, Stephen Pasiciel joined TeachBeyond in the role of North American Director of Advancement. He and the newly-formed Advancement team of Sherri Plett, Lynn Paterson, and Pam Sanderlin are directly engaged in seeking out people who share the vision of TeachBeyond and who will partner financially with us.
Throughout the remainder of 2014, we created policy to guide the organization in its fundraising efforts, made plans to bring new members to the Advancement team in 2015, hosted over 50 people for an Alumni (former TeachBeyond member) reunion, and delivered 4 fundraising events in Canada and the United States.


fundraising events
in Canada and the
United States

Celebrating 60 Years at Our First Global Conference

Highlights from the Global Conference


TeachBeyond’s first ever global conference was held in April, 2014. Who knew that the dream of gathering our workers from around the world into one location could be such a great reality? Nearly 400 people, representing 15 countries where we work and 23 nationalities, gathered together in Antalya, Turkey. What a joy it was to be together, to celebrate our 60th anniversary, to sing, to pray, to hear stories, and to be encouraged. We put faces to names of our colleagues and gained a sense of family. We also gained a sense of the bigger picture – that TeachBeyond is more than just “my” little corner of the world. We caught a glimpse of what we are accomplishing in transforming lives. But maybe even more than that, we saw a vision of what can happen when we work together with God’s help to change our world.

Finding God Faithful: Highlights from 2014

What a great and mighty God we serve! He has proven faithful in 2014! Here are a few highlights:

January / February / March

  • Teacher education workshops held at 2 schools in Bolivia
  • Teacher education program launched in South Asia
  • Members from another mission joined TeachBeyond when their mission closed
  • website re-launched
  • TeachBeyond offices opened in Kinshasa, Congo (DRC) as part of registration process
  • Legal papers filed for opening TeachBeyond GlobalCentre in Horsham, UK

April / May / June

  • Celebrated our 60th anniversary at our first global conference, FarBeyond, held in Antalya, Turkey
  • First national Administration Policy Manual (North America) completed
  • Music school in Southeast Asia opened
  • Second residential training for teachers in South Asia held
  • BFA Strategic Long-Range Plan completed
  • North American orientation held in Wheaton, IL with 80+ candidates and appointees
  • Students graduated from the 10-month SchallWerkStadt music program in Germany

July / August / September

  • Over 80 North American and over 70 local staff served in 9 Camps in Germany, Portugal, Belarus, Moldova, and the Philippines
  • School start-ups in Mexico City and North Africa moved forward
  • Janz Team Portugal name changed to TeachBeyond Portugal
  • 300 campers attended English Camps, with over 50 new believers and many strengthened in their faith
  • Alumni reunion held in Steinbach, Manitoba to celebrate TeachBeyond’s 60th anniversary
  • Affordable location found for SchallWerkStadt

October / November / December

  • 45th anniversary celebrated by Janz Team Brazil; its name is changed to TeachBeyond Brazil
  • 120 new members began serving in 2014 with 105 from North America
  • Fundraising events held in British Columbia, Manitoba (2), and Illinois
  • Strategic Plan for 2015-2020 adopted by the Board

Financial highlights

Revenues 2013 2014
US Donations for Missions $5,837,253 $7,370,037
CA Donations for Missions $1,900,547 $2,094,900
US General Donations $149,114 $130,636
CA General Donations $226,573 $177,441
US Fund-Raising Events $3,971
CA Fund-Raising Events $50,627 $54,230
US Other Revenues $32,178 $29,867
CA Other Revenues $19,145 $24,212
Total Revenues $8,215,437 $9,885,294

2013 2014
Revenues Over Expenses ($85,553) $38,498
Expenses 2013 2014
US Members’ Salaries & Benefits $4,195,251 $5,051,450
CA Members’ Salaries & Benefits $1,138,783 $1,170,457
US Service Expenses $769,424 $1,114,436
CA Service Expenses $492,014 $562,446
US Reserves for Future Mission Expenses $184,548 $379,976
CA Reserves for Future Mission Expenses $60,099 $133,971
US General Administration $680,034 $664,372
CA General Administration $493,948 $482,941
US Global Services $249,296 $250,629
CA Global Services $37,593 $36,118
Total Expenses $8,300,990 $9,846,796


Support for Missions $9,329,937 (94%)
General Donations $308,077 (3%)
Foundations, Fund-Raising Events & Other $247,280 (3%)

Members’ Salaries & Benefits $6,221,907 (63%)
Service Expenses $1,676,882 (17%)
Reserves for Future Mission Expenses $513,947 (5%)
General Administration $1,147,313 (12%)
Global Services $286,747 (3%)

Call to action

Do you believe this world is an integral part of a bigger picture?

Do you believe you can make an eternal difference?

Do you believe time and money are God-given tools to serve rather than commodities to use?

At TeachBeyond we believe these things, too, and this year we have made great strides towards the vision God has given to us. These successes are blessings from God made possible through supporters who share these convictions and vision with us.
As you have given and prayed, and God has blessed, TeachBeyond’s global ministry has seen:

  • the emergence of the first “green shoots” of a global centre
  • the appointment of our largest cohort of new workers  
  • the maturation of our infrastructure to support this growth, and
  • the completion of advanced planning on 11 new schools which will open over the next 18 months.

These developments provide the basis for our new Strategic Plan, “Vision for Transformation 2020.”

Thank you for being vision partners with us.

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TeachBeyond’s vision for transformation is God’s plan to transform lives through education, and it is our role and privilege to call people to get involved financially in this important work and to see this vision realized. In 2015, consider a lasting gift to TeachBeyond in your will or through a tax beneficial annuity. For more questions on how to leave a legacy gift, please contact Stephen Pasiciel at

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