Annual Report 2016


From the Director


Do you find yourself reading, listening, or watching the news throughout the day, every day? Do you feel that even a few hours away from your media sources leaves you out of touch? Are you shaking your head wondering what strange, fearsome world is emerging in 2017?
If so, our TeachBeyond 2016 report will leave you feeling a parallel universe must exist, and, in a sense it does. Unlike the chaotic world pressing in upon us, the realities of this “other universe” motivate and encourage. A retrospective look at 2016 leaves us both praising God for His goodness and humbled to think that He would use us to introduce people to Christ and to help them become like Him. A retrospective look also shows that we were able to pay our bills in a timely fashion, see our supporting networks expand and strengthen, deploy many new members, and have our projects grow and mature.
Someone once said, “The only good thing about the past is that it got up and went.” We don’t view TeachBeyond’s past 60+ years this way, nor do we view 2016 with regret or relief. Rather, we look back with thanksgiving and even awe to think that God would choose us to be ambassadors of His gospel in almost 50 countries.
As amazing as this data is, like the Apostle Paul, we choose now to set aside the achievements of the past – achievements that could leave us complacent and self-satisfied – and we press on into 2017 asking God for the privilege of serving beyond our current horizons. We know these goals cannot be achieved alone: we are deeply grateful for those who partner with us in prayer and financial support.

George Durance, Ph.D.


TeachBeyond Members serving around the world, up from 475 (2015)


TeachBeyond associates doing short-term and occasional service


Organizations where TeachBeyond members or associates serve


Countries served by TeachBeyond, up from 47 (2015)

Who We Are

Our Identity Statements

Our Vision Prayer

We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education.

Our Mission

As followers of Jesus we are an international organization providing transformational education to children and adults. We offer teaching and learning services to all regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion in order to promote holistic personal growth and enduring social benefit.

Our Name

The name TeachBeyond best captures in two simple words our understanding of the Great Commission in Matthew 28, in which Jesus says, “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” The word beyond suggests crossing geographic and cultural boundaries. It also indicates our commitment to teaching beyond one-dimensional, utilitarian forms of education to a comprehensive, holistic form that fosters personal, transformational growth, and enduring social benefit.
Our name reflects both our organizational mission as well as our challenge to Christians to think beyond their current context, to encourage their growth as transformational educators, to inspire them to get involved, and to help them go where God is leading them.

Areas where TeachBeyond serves

TeachBeyond Network

Organizations & Schools

BCA Logo

Belize Christian Academy
Founded in 1993 by Charlie and Judy Williams, Belize Christian Academy serves approximately 235 local and missionary students ranging from kindergarten to high school seniors.

BFA Logo

Black Forest Academy
Black Forest Academy in Germany has operated since 1956, providing a quality education to approximately 340 local and boarding students whose families serve in more than 50 countries.

BridgeWay Logo

BridgeWay North American School
Local residents asked TeachBeyond to help establish BridgeWay North American School in Mexico City. The school will open for classes in the fall of 2017.

Fateb Logo

Fateb Kinshasa Academy
TeachBeyond and Bangui Evangelical School of Theology opened Fateb Kinshasa Academy in 2015 in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Janz Team Gramado Logo

Janz Team Gramado
Janz Team Gramado is a campus with meeting and camping facilities. This is where TeachBeyond Brasil holds many of its events.

LIA Logo

Léman International Academy
Léman International Academy opened in 2010 to offer a French/English bilingual education for ages 3 to 11. It is located near Geneva and follows a Swiss curriculum.

LiveBeyond Logo

LiveBeyond, founded in 2008 with the name Atos and renamed in 2016, transforms youth in Brasil through theoretical and practical training in internships and missionary trips.

Quest Logo

founded in 2008, develops people of all ages by educating, challenging, and serving them in an experiential adventure camp environment in Brasil.


SchallWerkStadt in Germany educates Christian songwriters, singers, instrumentalists, worship leaders, and producers. Since 2011, its mission has been to glorify God through the arts.

Belize Christian Academy

Department: Schools // Belize

The vision for founding Belize Christian Academy began in 1992, when Charlie Williams was on a prayer retreat seeking the Lord and listening for direction about ministry in Belize. Charlie and his wife, Judy, worked with other Christians in Belize to open the school in 1993. The Williamses and the school board asked TeachBeyond to come alongside BCA in 2016 to help with educating teachers, consulting with administrators, and obtaining accreditation so the school could grow.
BCA serves local and expatriate families with children from 4 years of age through high school on a large campus near the capital city of Belmopan. There are 15 nationalities represented in the student body, and graduates attend university in North America and other Caribbean nations. The school ranks in the top tier of national standardized testing.
Throughout its existence, God has provided for the school in remarkable, inspirational ways. As we look back on the merger with TeachBeyond, we see God’s hand in the decision. Shortly after the school joined TeachBeyond, Charlie was diagnosed with leukemia. He went to be with his Lord in November 2016. His legacy is a school that educates students in rigorous academics and a transformational Christian worldview.

Black Forest Academy

Department: Schools // Germany

During this past year, we have continued to reflect on the 60 years of ministry that God has granted to BFA. We have also spent time looking ahead, as BFA, not for the first time, is experiencing a season of change.
One of the most visible changes is seen in our main building construction project. We anticipated that this year would be full of “construction, noise, and debris” and this has been the case. As we look forward to our Middle School returning to our Kandern campus in summer 2017, we know the challenges will be outweighed by improved learning spaces and greater operational efficiency.
Our ResLife program is experiencing changes as well. Older buildings combined with newer regulations are requiring us to evaluate our current dorm facilities and consider what will be needed in the years to come. In this, we must trust in God’s provision for the possible renovation, purchase, or construction of dorm facilities.
BFA is also moving forward with changes in curriculum and instruction with the goal of improving our overall academic program. We are anticipating the implementation of some new tools to improve teaching and learning during our next academic year.
In the midst of change, we remain mindful that while our human efforts are crucial, BFA has been and will continue to be an organization dependent upon God’s provision and sustaining power. We welcome your prayers and support for our school community as we walk by faith in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Areas where TeachBeyond serves

Region: Africa Map



Strong Churches and A New Middle Class

region: Africa // Dr Peter Regez / Regional Director

Africa has long been considered the poor continent, but things have changed! According to Deloitte, a global accounting firm, seven of the 10 fastest-growing economies in the world are African, and Africa now has the fastest-growing middle class in the world. Combined with the fact that Africa has strong and vibrant churches, we shouldn’t be surprised that many believers are looking for private Christian schools.
TeachBeyond has been working in Africa since 2012.

  • We have been a registered national entity in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo since 2014.
  • The Fateb Kinshasa Academy, started in 2015 with a kindergarten class, added grade 1 in 2016. The school serves as a model to train teachers from the Congo and beyond.
  • In 2016 we began plans with Fateb (a Christian seminary) to start Fateb Bangui Academy, a Christian school in Central African Republic.
  • We have TeachBeyond teachers and administrators serving in: Ethiopia, Mauritius, Niger, Rwanda, and Tanzania.
  • In 2016, TeachBeyond’s registrar processed requests for partnerships from people and organizations in 12 African nations where we have not worked before.


Organizations served in Africa


Members serving in Africa


Countries served in Africa

Teachers Sharing a Christian Worldview

Region: Africa / Central African Republic // Tamera Peters

TeachBeyond has a close partnership with the Bangui Evangelical School of Theology, abbreviated FATEB in French, which resulted in opening a school in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, in 2015. During 2016, FATEB requested assistance in opening a similar school in Bangui, Central African Republic, which will open in 2017.
One of the biggest hurdles was finding teachers who share the same vision and then being able to walk alongside them and train them to grasp how education can have a transformative impact on the lives of children.
We planned a training session in Kinshasa in September in which three of our recently chosen teachers from Bangui joined. God gave them all an amazing week. During the lessons, the three new staff shared why they wanted to be teachers at Fateb Bangui Academy. They talked about the children who had been traumatized by the war that has taken place there in the last years—children who have seen the ones they loved killed in front of their eyes.
“I want to help give these children a Christian worldview, which is the only thing that can change their perspective of life,” one of them said. “If we don’t, in 10 to 15 years these children will want to take revenge on those who harmed their parents.” These children need healing and Jesus—and the much needed platform of education is just the right tool.
Fateb Bangui Academy will be opening in 2017.

Student Finds Trustworthy Classmates

Region: Africa / Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eloge, a first-grader at Fateb Kinshasa Academy, did not want to drop his backpack in the hallway before entering his classroom. Eloge told Hertier Fima, director of FKA, “Another student may steal all that is in my bag. At my previous school, students had a habit of taking anything they found in others’ bags. That’s why I’m afraid to drop my bag.”
Hertier and Eloge’s teacher told him how Jesus can change a person and make him trustworthy, and that is what happens at FKA. At the end of the day, Eloge came running into the principal’s office saying, “Mr. Fima, here’s my bag. I spent the whole day observing my classmates and no one opened my bag! All my belongings are still here! I am glad to study and stay in a school where classmates do not steal.”
FKA staff are pleased that their new student feels comfortable about being in this school where students are being transformed as they follow Jesus, live their Christian values, and bear witness to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Educational Services:

Higher Education

Cheryl Bostrom

TeachBeyond is expanding its seminary and university partnerships around the world. For example, faculty members from Bethel University and Taylor University are working together with FATEB* to offer professional development conferences in Bangui, Central African Republic and Yaoundé, Cameroon. Session topics at the conferences include creating transformational learning environments and developing skills in online education. Conference attendees will also have opportunities to consult with the instructors about their individual teaching needs and how to contextualize what they learned during the sessions.
In addition to providing professional development conferences for FATEB faculty, the FATEB president requested help from TeachBeyond to establish future faculties of education and to gather resources written in French for their seminary and education libraries.
We have begun to work together with Informal Education Services to offer TOEFL camps in several countries . These camps will prepare international students to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language, so they can enroll in English-speaking universities. We also are planning for a new Centre for the Advancement of Transformational Education at TeachBeyond’s global office. The vision is to sponsor research and provide resources related to transformational education.

*FATEB is the French acronym for Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui.

Region: Canada and United States Map


Canada & U.S.A.

Blessed with Encouraging Growth

region: Canada and U.S.A.

It is always busy in the Canadian and US TeachBeyond offices, but 2016 was especially memorable for all that happened:

  • We added staff, said good-bye to staff, and revamped several departments.
  • Donor Services processed more donations than ever before, up 10.3% over 2015. The year-end giving was at a record high, thanks to the generosity of our members’ faithful supporters.
  • During June, we hosted not only the week-long Orientation for new members in Wheaton, IL, but also a two-day Bootcamp where members learned how to fundraise, a two-day North American Pre-Orientation (NAPO) for staff for strategic planning; a one-day intensive teacher-training (JumpStart), three-weeks of TESOL training; and a one-day orientation for a short-term team going to West Asia.
  • In July, we held a second Orientation in Vancouver, BC for our new members from the West Coast.
  • We held successful fundraisers in November in Steinbach, Winnipeg, MacGregor, and Brandon—all in Manitoba. We also had a get-together in Little Rock, AR and a Coffee House info meeting in Siloam Springs, AR.
  • Our biggest news was the buying of a small building in Downers Grove, IL for our US Office. The fall was spent planning the move which is planned for January, 2017.


Members serving from the U.S. & Canada


Members serving in the U.S. & Canada


Countries served

Exceptional Year for Recruiting

Department: Mobilization // Mike Koerber

When it comes to mobilization, we often focus on the number of new missionaries we recruit, train, and send to serve overseas. By that measure, 2016 was an exceptional year as we had over 110 new, full-time members begin serving with us. These new missionaries came from six different countries and are now serving in 28 countries.
As we rejoice in the quantity of people the Lord is bringing to serve with TeachBeyond, we are even more excited about the quality of these new missionaries. Each one of these new missionaries has the gifting, training, and opportunity to impact countless lives for the Kingdom through transformational education. Our mobilization team was privileged to journey with them as they prepared for their assignments, and we now look forward to hearing how God will be using them while they serve.
As we look to the future, we are striving to have the TeachBeyond membership more closely mirror the diversity of the global church. This can be accomplished through more TeachBeyond countries bringing on local members and/or establishing themselves as sending bases for cross-cultural workers. Please join us in praying that we’d soon see TeachBeyond missionaries going “from everywhere to everywhere” as transformational educators.

Members Learn to Raise Support

Department: Ministry Partner Development // Callie Buchholtz

Ministry Partner Development (MPD) workshops prepare our members for successfully obtaining their financial and prayer support. In 2016 we held our first in-house MPD session prior to new-member orientation. It was led by Callie Buchholtz, MPD coordinator, and attended by 24 people. In total, about 60 percent of new members attended some form of MPD training in 2016.
Callie developed an online version of MPD training in 2016 that is being offered now to new members.
One of those who attended the 2016 training said, “I feel that MPD training did a wonderful job of getting me prepared and supported. Another teacher and I presented to the other volunteer teachers at our school about how we raised our support. The school has a great impression of TeachBeyond and is encouraging other teachers to get similar training.”
The MPD team also assists current members with maintaining and improving their support status. Workshops were held at Black Forest Academy and the International Christian School of Budapest in 2016. Bev Durance in Donor Services said, “We are seeing more recurring pledges and larger pledges. I think members are more comfortable and bold in asking for support.”
More workshops will be presented in 2017.


Member Care

Katherine Koop

Working in Member Care brings me into daily contact with the deeper stories of colleagues who are passionately living out our shared TeachBeyond Vision Prayer: “We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education.” What does this look like in everyday life?

  • The “newbies” have lived through goodbyes, cutting ties, and getting rid of their stuff in their homeland. On this side they are adjusting to changes galore and in many ways, starting from scratch. They still have questions and they are weary!
  • Then there is “Gogo” who has worked with TeachBeyond for several years and is now being asked to evaluate and make changes to the ministry God gave her. She needs to work through many questions and deal with input from many sides. She sees the needs all around her and feels stretched beyond capacity.
  • As a Member Care Life Coach, I offer my colleagues conversations to process these needs. I help them to reflect on all the ways Jesus is calling to them: “Come to me… learn from Me….” I help them to think about how they are loving Jesus and to make changes for a healthier way forward.
Region:  Latin America Map


Latin America

Expanding Ministry in Latin America

region: Latin America // Howard Dueck

In 2016, we appointed a member to work at a Christian university in Bolivia, appointed a couple to work at a new-to-us school in Honduras, established a partnership with a school in a fishing village in Colombia, became a registered national entity in Belize, laid the groundwork for a new national entity in the Dominican Republic, and developed a partnership with an English outreach ministry in Argentina. Existing partnerships were strengthened.
In Brazil, where TeachBeyond (Janz Team) has been a registered national entity for 47 years, a new national director was appointed. National-level initiatives in 2016 included an English as a Foreign Language outreach program in Brasilia, with plans developed to continue this and to start one in Rio de Janeiro. Many volunteers helped establish this national ministry thrust. Our Gramado base continued to grow the camp, conference, and education programs. Our Quest partners made progress on their camp building project while continuing with their programs.
Through the various ministries across the region, dozens came to Christ and hundreds were discipled in their faith. We see Christ at work throughout the region.


Organizations served in Latin America


Members serving in Latin America


Countries served in Latin America

Seeing God in a Tangible Way

School: El Camino // Sarah Trussell

Every spring break, El Camino Academy in Bogotá sends teams of high school students and staff on service trips around Colombia. Last year one of the teams went to La Guajira, the northern desert of Colombia, with the purpose of encouraging and supporting isolated Christian schools.
One of our students, who was an outspoken atheist, chose to go on this service trip. Her parents were believers who wanted her in a Christian environment during her high school years. While serving side-by-side with her classmates and teachers, she was confronted with the Holy Spirit. By witnessing followers of Jesus actually doing what they speak about, she saw God in a real and tangible way.
Two weeks after the trip, after asking many questions of teachers and classmates, she made the decision to turn her life over to the Lord. The whole school was rejoicing with her salvation decision.
She graduated and currently is doing an intensive discipleship training program with Youth With a Mission in Germany.

Prayer Answered: BridgeWay to Open in Mexico City

Department: School Start-ups // Howard Dueck

So many people have invested time, work, resources, and much-needed prayer into TeachBeyond’s BridgeWay North American School in Mexico City. Our ground team was finally able to sign papers to rent the building after more than six months of negotiation, frustration, and hope. We plan to begin classes in August 2017.
We have forged relationships with our community, with our brothers and sisters in Christ who have labored beside us in the battle, and even with the property owners who caused many concerns. We are spreading the word of our new school to attract students, and recruiting teachers from Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Books and equipment still need to be purchased. Finances need to be bolstered. We are grateful that our Lord is mindful of all these matters and more, and will provide according to His abundant riches in Christ Jesus.

Educational Services:

Informal Education

Diane Kraines

Informal education and English as a Foreign Language programs continued to improve and expand in 2016.

  • A new conversational English curriculum was developed for our English Camps, with three levels of difficulty (beginning, intermediate, and advanced). The curriculum includes teacher and student books and extra resources.
  • Ten new people trained to serve as supervisors for camps and language intensives globally, including teaching conversational English and using our curriculum.
  • We trained 80 volunteers to serve cross-culturally. These volunteers, along with our local partners, held camps or intensives in Germany, Moldova, the Philippines, Brazil, Eurasia, Portugal, and in partnership with other missions in Colombia and France. Pilot English Camps were held in Central and Southeast Asia. Many came to faith in Jesus and others are now more connected to the local church.
  • We are developing a database of Informal Education projects globally. This includes camps, marriage seminars, Godly Play, leadership development, visual and performing arts, and Language Services.
  • Our newest project involves developing a health and wellness course within the women’s curriculum at Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (FATEB) in the Central African Republic.
Region:  Asia Map



Growth and Stability

region: Asia

It is not too often that we see growth and increased stability happening concurrently in our ministries. After experiencing five years of rapid expansion in Asia, we needed to fill key leadership positions; therefore, in 2016 we appointed three regional leaders to strengthen member care and support project development.
Growth in Asia came primarily through further development of existing projects. TeachBeyond operates in several creative access countries and it was in these countries that we saw the most growth. National bilingual schools experienced an unprecedented enrollment increase so that we now serve nearly 1,000 students in our two largest schools.
Elsewhere, a major partner school voted to have our creative access brand assume an ownership position and opportunities to teach English continued to expand throughout the region. These were in addition to the ongoing and deepening involvement we have had in Christian education projects in various Asian countries since we began to serve the region eight years ago.
Each month we are asked to partner with dozens of ministry opportunities in Asia. We face the daily challenge of determining how we can best allocate the resources, both financial and personnel, to fill the needs we see and wisdom and discernment to know where we should get involved. We need workers in this “harvest field.” (Matt. 9:37)


Organizations served in Asia


Members serving in Asia


Countries served in Asia

Meeting English Learners’ Needs

Region: Asia / The Philippines

Several years ago, a pastor from a creative access Asian country came to one of our partner schools, Faith Academy in Manila, and asked about his daughter as attending the school. Unfortunately, her English level did not meet Faith’s entrance requirement, and Faith had to turn her away.
As Asian countries send out more missionaries, the need for English language support will continue to be an essential aspect to Kingdom work throughout the world. TeachBeyond Philippines, in partnership with Faith Academy, is developing a program called LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes). LEAP will provide the needed English support for English language learners to be successful.
Recently Faith Academy admitted two East Asian students who would have been turned away in the past! This is only the beginning. We cannot wait to see how God is going to work in the students’ lives, and to see how they will be a part of God’s transformational work in this world.

Backpacks Have Broad Impact

Region: Asia / Creative Access

One of the key values we have as a mission is to promote holistic community development. Using our new legal platform, we have developed key relationships with some of the neediest schools in a creative access country. Many of the students have no school supplies or personal essentials such as a toothbrush or even shoes and socks. This year we had the opportunity to donate hundreds of backpacks filled with these supplies. Local churches in the country distributed the backpacks to the lost and forgotten in their own communities. Just recently one of the pastors reported that through this program God has granted his church great favor with the local authorities. Previously, pastors had been prevented from having church services over Christmas and had regularly been beaten by the local police. Thanks to the backpack distribution program, authorities have begun to see the churches as positive contributors in society. The beatings have stopped and church services are now held openly. Please pray that God continues to open doors like this for the gospel to be shared to all parts of society!

Educational Services:

K-12 Leadership

Becky Hunsberger

In 2016, nine TeachBeyond members from three continents and six countries began a four-month study of what it means to be a transformational K-12 school leader. A short residential program and on-line learning helped these school leaders to develop both a theological understanding of what it means to lead for transformation along with the practical skills needed to engage in whole school leadership.
This combination of practical skills, underpinned by a biblical understanding of leadership, challenged the participants to grow in their practice of transformational education in a variety of situations. One participant said, “I have thoroughly appreciated receiving this training as it has been more useful for me than other training I have received.”
The impact of this program will reach beyond those participating—to touch the lives of teachers, students, and families in their communities as well.
Region: Europe Map



Europe: Awakening in Education

region: Europe // Dr Peter Regez / Regional Director

The European continent has been called post-modern and post-Christian. While it is true that traditional Catholic and Protestant churches are seeing a decline in attendance, parents realize—even if they would not call themselves believers—that important values are missing more and more in our society so they are looking for schools that can both teach values and form good character in their children. This is exactly where TeachBeyond is involved. Pray for Europe, and praise God for many new beginnings:

  • Germany: A new department, Formal Education–Day Care Centers and Schools, was created in 2016 to establish and operate bilingual Christian educational institutions in Germany, as well as support and advise about the consolidation of schools or bilingual-education options.
  • France: In the last three years, 10 new Christian school initiatives have started and another 10 are well underway. There were only 20 Christian schools in France in 2010.
  • Eurasia: The “Baby English Club” started as a very modest initiative and now has 34 children enrolled in preschool and Kindergarten. It is a viable school, able to pay the teachers.
  • The UK is becoming a sending country for TeachBeyond. In 2016, seven new members began their service with TeachBeyond, and we accepted five people as candidates who are raising support.


Organizations served in Europe


Members serving in Europe


Countries served in Europe

Using Art in Ministry to Refugees

Region: Europe // Natalie Rudolph

Helping refugees means not only provide housing and language courses, but also helping them holistically. Each has his or her own story that involves a great range of positive and traumatic experiences that are part of their lives. They are not an anonymous mass of people. Each of them has a face.
“My Life’s Journey” is a project initiated by Natalie Rudolph, a TeachBeyond Deutschland member working with refugees. It uses art to help the refugees come to grips with their feelings and to find a way to express them. An artist meets with them in the refugee house in Marzell for four to six sessions.
Natalie explains that she sees social work from a Christian worldview, embracing the whole person to give back his/her dignity. This concept is grounded in our understanding of God. Natalie adds, “We want the refugee to learn to understand the image of God and find hope in the Christian faith. We believe that this value is of great importance if we are concerned with sustainable integration of refugees into their new home.”

Every Year Gets Better

Region: Eurasia / Moldova // Nigel Spencer

English Camp: This was our sixth year doing English camp in partnership with Roma Malancea, Mihai Tsaran and other pastors from the district of Stefan Voda in south-eastern Moldova. Every year the camp gets better and this year was no different. About 100 young people heard the message of the salvation through Jesus. They were discipled while learning English and having fun. The volunteer staff felt the sense of accomplishment and the joy of having done their service well before God and each other.
Day Center: CMDM, a partner of TeachBeyond Moldova, opened a day center in the village of Cheropkany where more than 10 people with various physical disabilities receive spiritual instruction while participating in craft and life-skills activities. A seminar was held for local church leaders to encourage and equip them to include service to disabled people their churches—with more than one leader declaring their desire to begin work with disabled people.

Educational Services:


Helen Vaughan

In 2016, School Services partnered globally with a number of individuals and organizations to address quite a variety of human needs present in our schools. These partners include:

  • a quality school in Africa where war-traumatized children are learning about forgiveness and restoration through Christ
  • wealthy parents who, in wanting a nurturing, English-language education for their children, are also finding ultimate hope and love
  • an orphanage/school in India where children are loved well instead of being sold to traffickers by their poor parents
  • teachers in numerous countries who are learning from TeachBeyond about how to teach transformatively with excellent pedagogy
  • missionaries who would have to decide between their ministry or their children’s education if a quality MK school were not close by
  • TeachBeyond English teachers in secular parts of Europe who are introducing students to Christ in their government schools
  • Colombian Christians starting a Christian school on an island that is so “off the grid” that water is brought in by boat
  • In 2016, God was present in all these needs, transforming lives according to His perfect purposes.

Global Financial Highlights

Financial Overview

Financial Overview

Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $17,781,541
Other Revenues $612,180
Total Revenues $18,393,721
Financial Overview

Programs and Projects Expenses $15,912,605
Administrative Expenses $2,172,638
Total Expenses $18,085,242

*All numbers are rough estimages based on local reports
†Numbers shown are in USD equivalent

Regional Financial Highlights

Financial Overview


Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $27,200
Other Revenues
Total Revenues $27,200
Programs and Projects Expenses $24,480
Administrative Expenses $2,720
Total Expenses $27,200
Financial Overview

Canada & U.S.A.

Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $12,363,549
Other Revenues $262,028
Total Revenues $12,625,577
Programs and Projects Expenses $10,547,980
Administrative Expenses $1,515,800
Total Expenses $12,063,780
Financial Overview

Latin America

Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $333,640
Other Revenues $30,019
Total Revenues $363,659
Programs and Projects Expenses $304,038
Administrative Expenses $56,962
Total Expenses $360,999
Financial Overview


Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $14,831
Other Revenues
Total Revenues $14,831
Programs and Projects Expenses $5,999
Administrative Expenses $2,799
Total Expenses $8,798
Financial Overview


Programs and Projects Contributions and Support $5,042,321
Other Revenues $320,133
Total Revenues $5,362,454
Programs and Projects Expenses $5,030,108
Administrative Expenses $594,358
Total Expenses $5,624,466

Highlights from 2016

  • TeachBeyond Brazil hosted TeachBeyond’s global leadership and the board meetings in Gramado in April. This was a significant time for the Brazilians who are expanding their outreach in Rio, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, and elsewhere.
  • The TeachBeyond Global Centre in Horsham, England has continued to grow and develop, adding staff in 2016.
  • Higher Education Services has developed partnerships with several American universities to offer scholarships to the children of TeachBeyond members and reduced fees for graduate Education programs for members.
  • For the second year in a row, TeachBeyond’s mobilization team sent out 10 issues of the “Featured Five” over a 20-week period to thousands of people to increase awareness of the opportunities available through TeachBeyond. As its name states, each “Featured Five” highlights five job openings in five locations.
  • Spring Break at Black Forest Academy (Germany) began with the International Christian Educators’ Conference (ICEC). School delegates came from 32 countries.
  • During Spring Break, nine short-term mission trips with 120 students were sent out from Black Forest Academy. TeachBeyond members led and/or participated on many of the teams.
  • In May Belize Christian Academy became the newest school to join the TeachBeyond community, and TeachBeyond Belize became the fifteenth national entity/office.
  • In June TeachBeyond members from Asia met at Faith Academy in Manila in for the Transformational
  • Education Conference and also the residential part of the K-12 School Leader program. This leadership program continued afterward as an online course lasting 4 months.
  • The Ministry Partner Development team offered a two-day fundraising bootcamp for new candidates in June, online training, and MPD workshops in Germany and Hungary.
  • North American candidates’ had a choice of attending Orientation in Wheaton, IL and Vancouver, BC. In total, there were 95 candidates (and their 29 children) going to 27 different countries.
  • English Camps were held in Brazil, the Philippines, Germany, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Eurasia, Moldova, Central Asia, and Colombia, with many campers coming to Christ.
  • This year BFA celebrated its 60th anniversary; BFA pre-1990 alumni gathered for a reunion in July.
  • Our 10-day intensive English Camp for East Asian pastors’ children, held at Faith Academy in the Philippines, has developed into a new program: LEAP. The program is being developed in conjunction with Faith Academy.
  • One of our schools in Southeast Asia moved to a new campus and a school in West Asia joined the TeachBeyond community as a member school. In Africa, plans pushed forward for Fateb Bangui Academy, slated to open in 2017; at Fateb Kinshasa Academy, in its second year, grade 1 was added as the kindergarteners moved up.
  • Two “lieutenants” joined our Asia Regional Director to cover the expanding work in Asia and strengthen the support of our team members.
  • New initiatives included establishing a Research Centre and holding the first Member Council. To improve communication regionally and globally, we began a monthly national leaders meeting.
  • TeachBeyond US/Canada and UK—and some members in Brazil and Germany—participated in “Giving Tuesday,” a non-profit initiative to raise funds and awareness of our mission.
  • In November, fundraisers and meetings were held in Manitoba and in Arkansas.
  • Members from our Mobilization and Member Care/Personnel teams visited partner projects and TeachBeyond members in Asia to be an encouragement and learn first-hand of the work going on.
  • New outreaches include the Living Beyond for Christ project for young Brazilian Christians, work among children with disabilities in Moldova; and continued outreach to refugees in Germany.

The mission is compelling – What is God asking of you?

Pray for our members, partners, students, parents and all who come into our sphere of influence, that they may hear the gospel and be transformed into followers of Jesus Christ, and demonstrate the fruit of transformation in their communities.

Give to the work of TeachBeyond and its members around the world.

Go, serve as an educator at one of the schools, English Camps, or other projects we have. You’ll see first-hand what God is doing.

Global Centre

National Offices

  • TeachBeyond USA (SINCE 1980)
  • TeachBeyond is also officially registered in:
    • • A sensitive Eurasian country (since 2003)
    • • Belize (since 2016)
    • • Mexico (since 2015)
    • • Moldova as COGNITA (since 2012)
    • • Philippines (since 2015)
    • • Portugal (since 1993)
    • • Switzerland (since 1956)
    • • A sensitive Asian country (since 2014)
    • For street addresses and numbers, please visit

TeachBeyond’s vision for transformation is God’s plan to transform lives through education, and it is our role and privilege to call people to get involved financially in this important work and to see this vision realized. In 2017, consider a lasting gift to TeachBeyond in your will or through a tax beneficial annuity. For more information: